Lacie Harmon


Lacie Harmon

Lacie Harmon has been counseling employees on their benefits since 2004 when a good friend hired her to offer U.S. Savings Bonds to employees of the healthcare industry through National Bond and Trust. Being a math geek and a natural advocate for the working man/woman, she immediately rose to being a top performer for the firm.

Lacie has specialized in and has extensive knowledge of financial products that provide both safety and growth potential, always bearing in mind that, as an employee nears retirement, he/she is usually wise to invest in products that offer high upside potential with no risk of principal loss.

Lacie has worked for First Financial Security, providing life insurance as an investment strategy, and for Transamerica, providing various, high-quality life insurance products.

Being a details lover, she is extremely happy to serve the federal market, in which understanding the fine print is necessary but next to impossible for most folks who work overtime and have families. She is humbled and proud to serve Federal and Postal Employees and considers her main duties to be getting people into the habit of saving and helping people retire hassle-free.

Lacie has been married to the love of her life for 22 years and, in her spare time, listens to podcasts on Federal Retirement. She is a lover of forests and believes a day without laughter is a day wasted.